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Community Involvement

Collaborative Outreach Program

 Boys & Girls Club Outreach

In 2010, the Thomasville Music & Drama Troupe and the Marguerite Neel Williams Boys & Girls Clubs of Southwest Georgia began a collaborative initiative to expand our performing arts mission and to provide Boys & Girls Club members with an opportunity to develop their creativity and cultural awareness through knowledge and appreciation of the performing arts.  Since early 2011, Boys & Girls Club members have been chosen to participate in a series of performing arts workshops led by a certified music educator who is assisted by Troupe members who serve as student instructors in a peer mentoring-peer teaching atmosphere.  In addition to singing and basic group movement, participants in the program learn stage confidence, self-discipline and proper body mechanics for singing in addition to basic vocal and public speaking techniques.  At the concluson of each workshop series, Boys & Girls Club members showcase what they've learned in an onstage performance at the Troupe's Fred Allen Building.   The joint collaborative is currently under the direction of Assistant Director & Outreach Coordinator Stephanie Hart.   


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